What to do with your car when your car is flooded?

What to do with your car when your car is flooded?

Welcome to the topicWhat to do with your car when your car is flooded?”

People always want to know what to do with their car when it starts to rain a lot and their car can be flooded. This is a very common issue particularly in the Philippines since a lot of people live in places that are prone to flooding.

Whether the rain doesn’t stop and your car battery dies or the storm is coming and your car can’t start, this blog will give you an insight into what to do with your car when it starts to rain a lot.

1. Try to move your car to higher ground if possible

If your car has been flooded by water and you are trying to drive through water, it’s best to try to move in the higher ground. If you can move in the higher ground, you’ll be able to keep your car from going underwater.

2. Do not attempt to start the engine of your car

If you attempt to start the car, you could be driving a dangerous car with flood water still inside the engine. If the water has only been sitting in the bottom of the car, you may be able to drive the car. However, if the water has soaked into the carpet and is up to the top of the door panels, it is best to stay in the car and call a tow truck.

3. Remove socket from the battery

If your car has been flooded by water, it is important to remove the electrical socket from the battery. If the water is not completely dried before you try to start your car, your car is more likely to catch fire. This is because the battery is more likely to short circuit after being submerged in water.

4. Take some photos and document everything

If you do happen to have a flood, take pictures of the water inside your car. You’ll also want to document the damage, including the tires, the seats, the windshield, and the floor. This will help insurance adjusters work with you to make sure you get the best possible compensation for the car.

5. File and insurance claim

After your car has been flooded and you have been working on the repairs, the next step is to file an insurance claim. It can be a long, drawn-out process, and it’s important to keep track of what you are doing. To make the course easy, try to provide proof of the damage and any additional information needed to process the claim immediately.


We hope you enjoyed our article about what to do with your car when it starts to rain a lot and your car can be flooded. It is a good idea to know how to handle such an event so you can prepare for the worst case scenario – especially if you live in a flood-prone area in the country.


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