What happens if you overfill the engine oil in your car?

What happens if you overfill the engine oil in your car?

Welcome to the topic “What happens if you overfill the engine oil in your car?

As many people know, engine oil is the lifeblood of a car; it keeps all of the moving parts happy and lubricated and protects them from early wear and tear by forming a thin protective film. While oil is typically beneficial to an engine, too much or too little can shorten its longevity. With that in mind, let’s look at what occurs when you overfill your car’s engine with oil.

What does the oil do in the engine?

Before we look at why too much oil is harmful to your car’s engine, it’s important to understand what it does inside the engine. The oil cap on top of the crankcase in your car’s engine is normally where oil is replaced. While the oil is introduced to the motor, it settles in the oil pan when not in use. Oil will circulate through filters and lubricate all moving parts when you start your engine.

What happens when there is excess oil?

There’s a danger that if your car’s engine has too much oil, the fast-moving crankshaft will come into contact with it and aerate it. This allows the oil to foam or froth, preventing it from protecting and lubricating the moving parts. Aside from that, the surplus oil causes too much pressure inside the engine, which escapes through the gaskets and seals. As a result, your motor will no longer be able to hold its oil, causing leaks and further troubles for you. You may have to pay for costly repairs if one or more of these gaskets or seals fail.

Engine oil
What happens if you overfill the engine oil in your car?

Causes of Excess Oil

The typical suspects in determining why your car’s engine has too much oil in it are either your mechanic or you, as one of you may have overfilled the crankcase when topping off the engine oil following an oil change. Excess oil can also be caused by improper draining the old engine oil from your car or overfilling the new filter with oil. In either case, these problems are most often the result of human error.

Dealing with Excess Oil

Checking the engine’s dipstick is the quickest way to do this. There, you’ll be able to quickly determine whether the motor has too much or too little oil. At all times, the oil level should be in the middle of the dipstick measuring segment. This allows you to add more oil if necessary if your car begins to leak oil. Check your oil levels regularly, and consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions on how to check your car’s dipstick, as designs differ.

If your car’s exhaust produces blue smoke or has a burning oil odor coming from the exhaust pipe, these are also signs. If your car has an oil pressure gauge, this is another indicator. You may also detect whether a car’s engine has too much oil by paying attention to how it operates. If it’s sluggish and there’s oil on the spark plugs, it could be due to oil buildup or another technical issue. If you see this happening, it’s very important to have your vehicle serviced right away.


The only way to get rid of extra oil in your vehicle’s engine is to drain it. You can either have it sent to a shop or drain the oil yourself. You may easily remove the drain stopper at the bottom of the oil pan and drain the excess oil yourself if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty. According to the owner’s handbook, it’s vital to remember that you’ll have to replace the oil filter and refill the engine oil.


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