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What do you do if the brakes in your car completely fail?

Welcome to the topic “What do you do if the brakes in your car completely fail?“.

One of the terrifying dilemmas that can occur to you while driving your vehicle is experiencing brake failure. An awful situation can happen without warning. It can trap even the veteran drivers unprepared. Usually, brake failure occurs once your car does not have sufficient brake fluid because of a drip. Otherwise has pads that are badly overused, causing a breakdown in the braking structure. Either that or your calibrates clutch, or there is a congest in your brake master tube. If you find yourself in this complicated circumstance, you can comply with these guidelines so that you can securely stop your car.

1. Keep Calm.

If your brakes fail, it will be all right to stay cool while you try to pull out your vehicle to the motorway. Besides, turn on hazard lights to indicate yourself as possible jeopardy on the street.

2. Try testing the brakes again.

Numerous innovative cars will have a dual braking structure that regulates your front and rear brakes. It denotes that even if your front brakes malfunction, you still must be able to blow into the braking control of the rear wheels and conversely. Although stopping power will be controlled, it’s still adequate to convey your car to a stop, though with more space required. As it was, either the front or rear brakes malfunction try applying firm and steady compression to the brake pedal to observe if the car will decelerate.

3. Downshift to a lower gear.

In case that the backup brake is insufficient, your next utmost step is to downshift to a lower gear. It will operate the engine brake to decelerate your car. This functions best with a manual transmission car yet can also be achieved with an automatic transmission.

car insurance
What do you do if the brakes in your car completely fail?

4. Sensibly put on the backup/ hand brake.

If your foot brake scheme completely fails, your next ideal option is to use the emergency or handbrake. It is necessary to keep in mind that the handbrake operates a diverse system from that of your hydraulic brakes. Although it doesn’t have similar ceasing power, it’s still adequate to halt your car yet with a bit extra space required. Ensure that once you are operating the manual handbrake to maintain the locking method pinned, you can release the brake anytime the vehicle begins to slide. Well, it is something you do not wish to do.

Preferably, you must adjust your car to neutral. Try to use the handbrake to stop the vehicle. Ensure that you are ready to release the handbrake if that vehicle starts to slide. If this doesn’t function, you will keep your eyes open for other means you cease your car. Your only hope is to look for a secure area to collide your car if you have a total braking malfunction. Throughout this procedure, do not shut down your car’s engine. Just fix it once you have come to a complete halt.

5. Ask for assistance.

When your car ceases, you can now turn it off, leave it, and ask for aid. If possible, you must request a tow truck as your car could be a barrier on the street. It will avert you from thrusting it to a shop having more impairment to your vehicle.

6. Allow your brakes test by an expert.

At that time, your car pulls along to an overhaul center or repair station. Ensure to have your braking system systematically checked by a specialist to guarantee that the needed maintenance accomplished appropriately. And to avoid additional procedures of brake malfunction from happening.

car insurance
What do you do if the brakes in your car completely fail?


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  1. Upon driving, I noticed a gradual decrease in braking performance, including a longer braking distance and a spongy feeling when pressing the brake pedal. It’s good that you reminded me how you need to be able to blow into the back wheel brakes in the event that your front brakes fail, and vice versa. I will do this and make sure I visit an auto service shop ASAP to get it checked out by eperts.

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