The Ultimate Accident Checklist

The Ultimate Accident Checklist

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It is true that car accidents are unavoidable. Even if you initiated the accident or you are the casualty, they are terrifying. Identifying what to fix is vital. It is important to recognize what evidence to gather. Also and what to prepare with declared facts.

Regardless of how minor the accident is, do not hesitate to stop if you are implicated. It is your lawful responsibility to stop if you are included in an accident, though there is no evident damage.

At such a time, it can be tough to decide obviously! In the event you are involved in an accident, we would like you to be ready, knowing simply what you need to accomplish.

Below is an important checklist that will guide you in preparing what to execute after a car accident.

1. Stop

Whether it is a trivial one, you should stop if you are involved in an accident. This is your lawful responsibility. Otherwise, it would be weighed as a “hit and run” accident and you could be heavily sanctioned for it.

If you are all right, get out of your vehicle to see if anyone else was injured and if there was any damage to the properties.

2. Call

Call the authority, except you know someone else has done so. At that point, call or text a relative or friend. It is vital to allow someone who cares about you to know what has occurred. Whether it seems to be simply a trivial accident.

Call everyone included in the accident, along with spectators, to diverge from traffic. However, preferably, do not move the cars until the police come.

3. Avoid doing abrupt decisions

Do not say to the people involved who you consider are to blame. You must merely discuss the accident with the police, other primary responders, and your insurance agent. Your insurance firm regulator will inspect and decide who was responsible. You must not shoulder accountability or obligation.

4. Request for assistance

Do not hesitate to ask the police, and bystanders for assistance when necessary!

Call the tow facility. If you are uncertain on the extend of your car’s damage, you can have a mechanic to inspect it. If happened to buy insurance for your vehicle, just get in touch your insurance company’s claims number immediately.

If you insured with us at Perla Insurance, we will take care of everything for you from the discussions with the police, the person you bumped and all expenses related to the accident. We will fill you in on the detailed process on how to file your claim. You can easily file your claim with us directly from our website.

5. Checklist

Here are the important things you should have for your records:

Information about the other driver involved in the accident. These include the name, address, and contact numbers of the other driver.


These comprised other driver’s insurance company names and policy numbers.


This consist of the car manufacturer and vehicle models. Along with vehicle color and license plate number. Included also are car registration data and vehicle identification numbers. The facts and data about the accident must be comprised as well. This consists of the date and time, climate, and address where the collisions happened. It is also important to integrate which path you were going as well as which route the other car is headed. You should take pictures of the scene. Record all facts regarding the collision on your phone.

6. Other Persons

You ought to get the names and contact data of spectators who witnessed the accident. Also must include the names, badge numbers, and contact data of police officers and medical specialists who arrived at the scene.

Overview, nobody likes to be in a car accident. Particularly one implicating serious property loss and harm. A car accident is a disturbing experience for everyone involved. Though, having a car accident checklist can make all the difference.


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  1. My mother plans to get a car accident lawyer for the minor accident that my brother got yesterday here in Louisville, KY road. I’m happy to know from your blog you should obtain the names and contact information of any witnesses to the accident. Include the names, badge numbers, and contact information of any police officers or medical personnel that arrived on the site. It is for the investigation and the insurance claim my brother might get.

  2. It’s great that you elaborated on how you are involved in an accident even if there is no obvious damage, you must stop as required by law. I agree when you said that car accident is unavoidable that’s why I’ll make sure to take your advice in mind. Thanks for sharing this helpful article!

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