Protecting the Environment: Proper Disposal of Automotive Fluids and Batteries

Protecting the Environment: Proper Disposal of Automotive Fluids and Batteries

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Welcome to the Perla Insurance blog! We are delighted to have you here. At Perla Insurance, we’ve been dedicated to serving the Filipino community for an incredible 60 years. Our core values of Integrity, Service Excellence, and Financial Stability have guided us in becoming one of the best non-life insurance providers in the Philippines. Today, we want to talk about a crucial topic that affects us all: protecting the environment through the proper disposal of automotive fluids and batteries.

The Philippines, with its stunning landscapes and biodiversity, is a country we hold close to our hearts at Perla Insurance. Preserving this beauty for future generations is a responsibility we all share. Automotive fluids and batteries, when mishandled, pose a significant threat to our environment. From engine oil to battery acid, these substances contain hazardous chemicals that can contaminate our soil and water, harming ecosystems and endangering our health.

Protecting the Environment: Proper Disposal of Automotive Fluids and Batteries

Proper disposal of automotive fluids and batteries is a collective effort. Here’s how you can contribute:

Engine Oil

Used engine oil is a significant environmental hazard. If not disposed of properly, it can seep into the soil and contaminate groundwater. This can harm aquatic life and affect drinking water sources. When changing your car’s oil, never pour it down the drain or onto the ground. Instead, collect it in a leak-proof container and take it to a recycling center or an authorized collection point. Many automotive service centers and parts stores offer used oil recycling programs.

Used Batteries

Car batteries contain lead-acid, which is highly toxic to the environment. Improper disposal can lead to soil and water pollution, affecting both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. To mitigate this risk, old car batteries should be handed over to authorized recycling facilities. Many auto shops, battery retailers, and recycling centers accept used batteries and ensure they are recycled properly.

Coolants and Other Fluids

Automotive fluids like coolants, brake fluids, and transmission fluids may contain hazardous chemicals like ethylene glycol and heavy metals. These substances can harm aquatic life and ecosystems. To prevent such damage, like engine oil, collect these fluids in appropriate containers and take them to authorized collection points or recycling centers. Many automotive service centers also accept used automotive fluids for safe disposal.


Spreading awareness about proper disposal practices among your friends and family is a vital step in protecting the environment. By educating others about the potential hazards of improper disposal and encouraging them to adopt eco-friendly practices, you contribute to a broader culture of environmental responsibility. Together, we can make a significant impact in preserving the natural beauty of our country and ensuring a sustainable future for all.


By responsibly managing these automotive fluids and batteries, we can prevent these hazardous effects on the environment and contribute to a cleaner, healthier Philippines for ourselves and future generations. Remember, our actions today determine the state of our environment tomorrow.

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