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Perla’s Motor Car Insurance protects your private and commercial vehicles against loss or damage and legal liabilities to third parties for death, bodily injury and damage to property.

Perla's Motor Car Insurance Coverage:

Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL). This basic insurance coverage is required by law prior to motor vehicle registration, to protect you from liabilities for injuries or death to third parties.

Loss & Damage (L&D). Gives you protection against loss or damage to your vehicle including parts and accessories due to accidental collision or overturning, fire, external explosion, self-ignition, lightning, and malicious damage.

Acts of Nature. Gives you protection against calamities like earthquake, typhoon and flood.

Third Party Property Damage (TPPD). Perla Insurance will pay in case your vehicle causes damage another person’s properties.

Excess Liability for Death/Bodily Injury (EBI). Perla Insurance will give additional coverage to your basic CTPL.

Auto Personal Accident. Perla will answer for the death or disablement and medical expenses of the driver and passengers of your vehicle in case of an accident.

Fire & allied perils insurance

Our standard fire policy covers loss and/or damage proximately brought about by fire and lightning but not necessarily limited by the above-mentioned. Loss and/or damage caused by water and other fire extinguishing agents is likewise covered including smoke, scorching, fire fighting efforts of fire brigades or even falling walls. The policy is flexible, in a way, to extend protection against earthquake fire, earthquake shock, typhoon, flood, falling aircraft, vehicle impact, riot, smoke and explosion.


Accidents happen during unexpected times and at the least expected places.

Perla’s Personal Accident Policies prepare you & your loved ones for any income loss resulting from an accident, and even death due to accidents.
You will be protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year anywhere in the world at work, at home & while traveling by land, sea or air for:

Accidental Death. Perla will pay your beneficiary up to a maximum amount of Php 2,000,000.000 in cash to cover for income lost in case of a fatal accident.

Permanent Disablement. Perla pays up to Php 2,000.000.00 in cash in case of an accident resulting in permanent disability or loss of hands, feet or sight.

Murder & Assault. Perla will pay your beneficiaries up to a maximum amount of Php 1,000,000.00 for death or disablement caused by unprovoked murder & assault.

Accident Medical Expense. You will receive a maximum amount of Php 100,000.00 for necessary medical expenses incurred for the treatment of injuries resulting from an accident.

Accident Monthly Income. You will receive up to Php 360,000.00/year or Php 30,000.00/month if you are hospitalized for 12 months for loss of income for injuries due to an accident.

Perla’s Personal Accident Policies

 For a minimum amount of Php 100.00/annually, you & your family will enjoy several benefit schedules

 You & your family will get all the above-mentioned benefits plus a sickness monthly income up to Php 180,000.00/year for hospital confinements due to sickness.

You can leave all your worries with your Personal Insurance Friend. For less than Php 3.60/day, you can be protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a month, anywhere in the world, at work or at play.

 Lets your employees enjoy a round the clock protection specially designed for company employees, group and association.


For the protection of goods in transit whether at sea, air or on land. We also cover imported goods from international sources.


Contractors All Risks Insurance
Is acquired by building contractors including sub-contractors and/or owner-principal to provide an “all risk” cover on a construction project.

Erection All Risks Insurance
Also provides an “all risk” cover on projects such as installation of elevators, escalators, steel tanks, machinery, etc. The period of insurance starts from the time the equipment are move into the site and ends upon completion which may include a testing period.

Electronic Equipment Insurance
Is a specialized branch of engineering insurance designed to provide coverage on machinery run by electronics. This includes computers, facsimile machines, x-rays, CAT scanners, photo-copiers, etc.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance
Provides a broad cover on machinery such as power generators, compressors, pumps, printing press machines, etc. against “all risks”. Boilers/Pressure Vessel Insurance is a specialized branch of Machinery Breakdown Insurance which focuses its cover on, as its name implies, boilers and other pressure vessels and providing indemnity against explosion, implosion damage due to extreme pressure, etc.

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