LTO Reminders to Update Before It's Too Late

LTO Reminders to Update Before It’s Too Late

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Welcome to Perla Insurance’s blog! As one of the Philippines’ leading non-life insurance providers, we understand the significance of keeping your motor vehicle registration up-to-date, especially after transferring ownership. Updating your vehicle’s registration with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is crucial to avoid legal complications and ensure smooth transitions. Today, we will deal into why it’s essential to update your vehicle’s registration and the consequences of neglecting this important step. Let’s make sure you’re informed and protected!

Last June 2, 2024, LTO Chief, Assistant Secretary Atty. Vigor D. Mendoza II, emphasized the importance of keeping the LTO updated on changes in vehicle ownership. Mendoza highlighted that the name appearing in the LTO registration records is presumed to be the vehicle’s owner and driver. This means that any legal responsibility falls on the individual listed in the registration. Hence, keeping your vehicle’s registration current is vital to avoid any potential legal troubles, particularly in situations involving road rage or criminal activities.

LTO Reminders to Update Before It’s Too Late

Updating your vehicle registration with the LTO is essential for both the buyer and seller of a motor vehicle. This not only ensures compliance with legal requirements but also provides protection against unforeseen liabilities. Here’s why you need to update your registration promptly:

Essential Protection for Sellers

When selling a vehicle, updating the registration is crucial for your protection. Here are some key points to consider:

Legal Liability:

If the buyer uses the vehicle for criminal activities, such as “riding-in-tandem” crimes or theft, and the registration is not updated, the registered owner in the LTO system – in this case, the seller – will be the one investigated. This can lead to significant legal headaches and possible wrongful accusations.

Civil Code Compliance:

According to the 1495 Civil Code of the Philippines, the seller is obliged to transfer ownership and deliver the object of the sale. Failure to update the registration not only breaches this obligation but also leaves the seller vulnerable to legal complications.

Avoid Unwanted Incidents:

Imagine your old car being involved in a hit-and-run. Without an updated registration, the authorities will come knocking at your door, assuming you’re still the owner. This could lead to unnecessary stress and potential legal expenses.

Ensuring Buyer’s Security and Legal Standing

For buyers, updating the vehicle’s registration is equally important. Here’s why:

Avoiding Inherited Liabilities:

If the previous owner has unpaid traffic violations or if the vehicle was involved in a crime, the new owner could be unfairly implicated if the registration remains unchanged. This could lead to legal consequences that could have been easily avoided with an update.

Clear Ownership:

An updated registration serves as clear evidence of your ownership. This is essential in establishing your rights over the vehicle and protecting yourself from any past liabilities associated with the previous owner.

Peace of Mind:

Knowing that your vehicle’s registration is updated provides peace of mind. You can drive without the fear of being stopped for irregularities, ensuring that your ownership is legitimate and recognized by law.


In summary, updating your vehicle’s registration with the LTO is crucial for both sellers and buyers to avoid legal complications and ensure a smooth transfer of ownership. Sellers must update the registration to avoid being held accountable for any illegal activities involving the vehicle post-sale, as stipulated by the 1495 Civil Code of the Philippines. Buyers need to update the registration to avoid inheriting any liabilities from the previous owner, ensuring their ownership is legally recognized and protecting themselves from potential legal issues. To avoid complications, it’s essential to follow the LTO’s rules and regulations and update your vehicle’s registration immediately after a sale.


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