Medical Exam of LTO for 10 year license

Medical Exam of LTO for 10 year license

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Motorists with no traffic violations can now get a 10-year driver’s license from the Land Transportation Office (LTO). As a result, all drivers wishing to renew their license must now complete Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) as well as other obligations, such as medical exams.

Section 23 of Republic Act No. 4136, commonly known as the Land Transportation and Traffic Code, as revised by Republic Act N0. 10930, has prolonged the validity of driver’s licenses, subject to any restrictions imposed by the LTO.

There are rules and restrictions established in accordance with this authority and the rule-making power of administrative agencies under Executive Order No. 292 to ensure that all holders of driver’s licenses are physically and mentally fit for the duration of their license’s validity. Now we’ll go over the LTO’s new medical policy for 10-year license holders in greater detail. So let’s get started!

Quick Brief

Any motorist whose license has been valid for at least five years and who has not violated Republic Act No. 4136 or other traffic laws, rules, or regulations during that time is eligible for ten-year license renewal otherwise they will only be eligible for a five-year driver’s license. Nonetheless, anyone with a 10-year valid driver’s license can choose to renew it for a five-year term.

Medical Examinations are required regularly

Aside from the medical exam performed during the application for a new license and renewal thereof, all driver’s license holders must undertake mandatory periodic medical examinations (PME) in any LTO-accredited medical clinic or government health institution during the validity period of their license. This is to confirm their fitness for the license’s extended duration, according to the LTO.

The PME will be scheduled on the third (3rd) birthdate from the license issuance for licensees who will be awarded a 5-year validity driver’s license. Licensees who will be awarded a 10-year valid driver’s license, on the other hand, will have PMEs on their fourth (4th) and seventh (7th) birthdays after the license is issued. Licensees may take the PME in either circumstance within sixty days of the specified birthdate. The PME can be performed at any LTO-accredited medical clinic or government health facility.

All LTO-accredited medical clinics must follow Republic Act No. 7432, as amended by Republic Act Nos. 9257 and 9994, which states that senior citizens are entitled to a 20% discount on medical services, diagnostic and laboratory fees, and a VAT exemption in all private hospitals, medical facilities, and outpatient clinics.

The LTO has the right to demand any motorist who looks to have any physical or mental disease or sickness that could pose a driving risk undergo a medical examination to determine their fitness to drive.

Getting Medical Certificate

The licensee’s registered physician must evaluate whether the licensee has developed any physical or mental disease or illness that is likely to impair their capacity to safely control and drive a motor vehicle and submit their findings to the LTO. The licensee will be examined by the medical examination guidelines established by the LTO in Memorandum Circular No. 2018-2157 and any later issuances.

Once the physician has determined that the licensee is still physically healthy and medically qualified to drive a motor vehicle, they must issue a completed medical certificate in the prescribed form.

Before the medical certificate may be electronically transferred to the Land Transportation Management System, both the examining physician and the licensee must have their biometric finger scans. In addition, the licensee’s biometric fingerprint must match the LTO database’s fingerprint impression.

PMEs are not required for driver’s license holders working or residing abroad whose PME schedule falls during their stay abroad. If they return within or after the specified times, they must have a medical examination within 30 days of their arrival in the Philippines before exercising their driving privilege.

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Medical Exam of LTO for 10 year license: What you need to know

Drivers Involved in Traffic Collisions Must Have a Medical Exam

A driver of a motor vehicle engaged in a traffic accident that results in the death of a person, physical injuries, or serious property damage must undergo a medical examination to assess their physical and mental fitness to drive.

Furthermore, within 72 hours of the time of the road crash or, if applicable, their release from detention or medical care, the motorist must submit to a medical examination at any LTO-accredited medical clinic or government health facility.

Suspension and Modification of a Driver’s License

Suppose a licensee’s physical condition has changed to the point where reclassification, driving privilege restriction to a specific motor vehicle class, and modification of the conditions in their driver’s license are required. In that case, the LTO shall cause the updating of their license details and reprinting of the driver’s license to reflect such changes.

Suppose, however, that the licensee’s physician concludes that they are no longer suitable to drive due to a physical, neurological, or cognitive disability. The LTO will suspend the driver’s license and keep the license card until a specialist certifies that the licensee has recovered to the point where they can safely drive or that the loss or impairment has been adequately compensated.

However, such certification may contain a recommendation to the LTO to apply conditions, limit the licensee’s driving privilege, and compel the licensee to take a theoretical and practical exam to assess their driving ability.

Meanwhile, the licensee must notify the nearest LTO Regional / District / Extension / Office / Licensing Center in writing of their temporary or permanent incapacity and submit their driver’s license for storage within six months of the inability’s onset. In addition, the licensee’s examining physician must submit a medical certificate stating the fact of such incapacity.

Facing the consequences for not complying

Any motorist who fails or refuses to attend any obligatory medical examinations within the designated time frame without good reason will have their driver’s license immediately suspended until they meet the requirement. Furthermore, the penalty and demerit point(s) applicable to the offense of driving with a suspended driver’s license shall be imposed on such motorists each time they are caught driving on a public roadway throughout non-compliance.


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