Is the Philippines ready for Fully Electric Cars?

Is the Philippines ready for Fully Electric Cars?

Welcome to the topic “Is the Philippines ready for Fully Electric Cars?

Electric cars have been gaining momentum over the past few years, with new electric car models appearing on the market all the time. Although they have significantly improved, they are still not as popular as they could be.

The reason for this is that tons of people are in fear of running out of battery charge in the middle of the road – especially those countryside road trips, a thing popular to lots of Filipinos.

Furthermore, fully electric cars are becoming more popular and are expected to keep growing in popularity. To keep up with this, manufacturers and dealers will need to up their game and come up with new ways to keep up with the increasing demand. There are a variety of benefits of these cars, but the big one is that they are zero emissions.

But the real question is, is the country ready for fully electric cars?

The real answer is no. And here’s why:

Only 19 Fast Charging Stations

There are only 19 fast-charging stations in the country as of 2020. That’s relatively little and won’t be able to keep the demand if a lot of Filipinos turned to electric cars.

The USA – one of the countries that originate Electric Cars, has 47,000 fast-charging stations. While in Indonesia – one of the top three countries (including the Philippines) with the highest inclination to adopt electric vehicles, has 247 Charging stations.  

Meaning, the lack of charging stations poses a problem for those who want to use fully electric cars. And our country obviously doesn’t possess an established charging network for electric cars.

Higher Upfront Cost

It has a higher upfront cost that is reluctant to most Filipinos. In the Philippines, the upfront costs for an electric vehicle can be prohibitive and make the cost of ownership too expensive for many. Especially now that the electricity rates became significantly higher from 25% to 87%.

Moreover, the average cost of electric vehicles in the Philippines is between PHP 1.2 Million to PHP 1.5 Million. This is compared to the average cost of regular vehicles from PHP 300,000 to PHP 600,000.

Limited Selection

Filipinos have a limited selection because of import duty. Even though there are thousands of electric vehicles sold in the country as of June 2022, we’re all aware that this type of car is not cheap to produce, and is eligible for some free trade agreements.

For these reasons, all electric vehicle manufacturers are not available in the country, as well as some popular EV models.

The import duty also makes electric vehicles more expensive for most Filipinos.

Key Takeaways

The country needs to adjust its infrastructure to accommodate electric vehicles. And for some reason, the government barely put any plan to make the country friendlier to electric vehicles and their manufacturers.


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