Information on car parts and their purpose

Information on Car Parts and Their Purpose

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We’ve covered a wide range of topics in accordance with car insurance. We have covered all these topics because we want our customers to make better decisions about car safety and insurance. It is our belief that the best way to do so is to know everything there is to know about these topics.

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However aside from just discussing car insurance, we have decided to branch out and also tackle essential tips and problematic issues car owners have with regards to owning their vehicle. Perla Insurance, one of the best car insurance companies in the Philippines, is here to giving you information on how to better use and take care of your car.

In this blog post, we will discuss a topic that it very significant to car owners. Have you ever wanted to know the inner workings on your car, and how each part of your car actually works? This article will discuss the basic car parts and their purposes.

When we get something new, we first read the instruction manual to learn how it operates and what it is made of. Why should it be different for cars? On average, a single car is made of up to 30,000 unique parts working together in harmony to give you a fantastic ride. This article is focused on some of the essential car parts and their functions that every car owner must know.

Information on car parts and their purpose
Information On Car Parts and Their Purpose


The heart and soul of your car is Engine, which is a complex machine and made up of a bunch of parts working together to create energy and to make your car go. The engine consists of many parts joined together, but the most common you may hear of is the piston.

The movement of the piston inside the engine is responsible for the motion of your wheels. The engine produces power by burning fuel and air mixture inside the piston chamber that produces pressure which in return moves your pistons. The upper section of the engine is called the cylinder head, whereas the lower area is called a stack. The bigger the engine bigger the power.


A radiator, located at the front, works as the heat exchanger to remove the heat from your engine through coolant. Hot coolant goes into the radiator, where it gets cooled down through interaction with passing air. Once cooled, it then floes again into the engine. For general maintenance, check your coolant level twice a year.


This part is responsible for providing electric power to your car’s electrical system along with the battery. It recharges your battery by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. If your battery is not working correctly or appears to be swollen, then your alternator might have a faulty voltage.


The axle is one of the most critical parts of your suspension system and is responsible for transferring power to the wheels through the transmission system. Axles link the wheel to the car and support the weight. CV axles have joints with a “boot” on each end. Failures of CV axles are usually caused by a broken or a leaking boot.

Information on car parts and their purpose
Information on car parts and their purpose


Transmission, also known as the vehicle’s gearbox, takes power from your engine and transfers it to the wheels through various components such as axles. Without it, your car can go nowhere. Nowadays, cars come with manual and automatic transmission systems.

The driver controls manual transmissions through a gear lever, whereas; automatic transmissions do not require any input from the driver.

Catalytic Converter

When you start your car, it produces emissions. To remove these emissions from your vehicle efficiently, there is an exhaust system hard at work. The catalytic converter is one of the main components of that exhaust system. It changes the harmful compounds present in the emissions into safe gases before releasing them. If your catalytic converter is not working correctly, you may notice a drop in performance and fuel efficiency.


Filters are a crucial component of a car. Without the filters, we would be spending more time at the mechanic than actually driving the vehicle. Usually, a car has four main types of filters:

Oil Filter: Its main job is to remove all dirt and debris from the engine oil to ensure circulation of clean oil inside the engine.

Fuel Filter: It prevents all the impurities present in the fuel from getting into the fuel system and eventually into the engine.

Air Filter: It ensures that clean air, free from any contaminants, is getting into the engine.

Cabin Air Filter: It filters out the air conditioner’s air before releasing it into the cabin.

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers play a crucial role in the safety and comfort of the passengers. These hydraulic devices are used at each wheel of the suspension system to control the car’s up, down, and rolling motion by dampening the vibrations of the spring when the car travels on a bumpy road.

It helps your wheels to get a better road grip by providing tension on the road surface. If your shock absorber is not good, your car will bear severe damage down the road.


The suspension system is responsible for supporting both handling and ride quality. It includes the design of tires, springs, shock absorbers, and linkages. It is the primary function of the suspension system to keep the road wheel in contact with the road as much as possible.

The suspension protects the vehicle from damage and wear. The cars may have their front and rear suspension different.

Timing Belt

This reinforced rubber band serves the purpose of connecting the engine crankshaft to the camshaft. It does so in such a precise order that each time you ignite the car, the timing belt gets into motion and turns the camshaft to open and close the engine’s valves allowing the piston to move up and down.

When the belts start wearing, they will produce squeaking noise, and if not replaced, they will break and cause costly damage to your car.


The muffler is what makes your car noise-free. It reduces the noise emitted by the exhaust of the engine. These exhaust gases produce considerable noise, but they significantly mitigate the noise thanks to mufflers. According to their design, some mufflers differ in noise: the one that restricts gas flow more is quieter, whereas the one that restricts gas flow less produces louder noise.

On an End Note

Buying a car is not a difficult job as maintaining it as it gets older with use. It is evident that not every car owner can have a sound understanding of car mechanisms. Still, it is always recommended that car drivers get familiarize with the basic mechanism and the major parts of the car, which are discussed in above section.

No matter which car brand you possess, it is still a machine, and you cannot totally rely on it. Cars can show you resistance at any time without giving any prior signals; therefore, to tackle such a situation, it is necessary to understand the basic mechanism of a car and be knowledgeable about the car parts, where they are located and how they work. This deed can be your lifesaver.


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