How to Prepare for License Exam for New Drivers?

How to Prepare for License Exam for New Drivers?

Welcome to the topic “How to Prepare for License Exam for New Drivers?“.

As a good citizen of the country, you should give importance to the safety of everyone. One way is through taking the exams of the Land Transportation Office to guarantee you are fit to drive on the country’s busy roads. Through this article, you can learn the types of exams you must be prepared for as a new driver.

Written Exam Requirements

If you are preparing to take a license test any time soon, check out the following guide to learn how to accomplish it here in the Philippines. Look into the information that may help increase your chances of passing the LTO exam. Nevertheless, there are various instructions and requirements to comply with. Read on for more important details.

After having your picture taken, generating a digital signature, and paying the appropriate fees, taking the written exam is the next procedure.

The LTO has created an LTO exam reviewer accessible to the public via its website. The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has ordered the LTO to make the driver’s license exam more comprehensive by having it in different regional languages other than English and Filipino. In this manner, you can select to take the test in the dialect you understand and are most at ease

Written Exam Categories

Below are the categories that belong on the written exam for driver’s license applicants:

  1. Over-all driving awareness
  2. Parking
  3. Driving predicaments
  4. Handling and driving
  5. Street symbols and lane markings
  6. Road position
  7. Violations and charges

It is a well known fact that before you become allowable to drive a motorized vehicle, you need to acquire a driver’s license. Accomplishing your driver’s license in the Philippines can be achieved through a basic process. Once complied thoroughly, it will save you from the stresses of having to come back to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) repeatedly.

On some websites, you may try an online reviewer. These are multiple-choice questionnaires with random queries to observe your present driving awareness. The exam reviewer includes all that might emerge in the actual LTO written exam. This LTO exam reviewer will make you competitive with the Philippine thoroughfare and traffic regulations and make you a better, efficient, safer driver. Passing the LTO Driver’s License written test with flying colors just got a lot easier with the test queries accessible online for free. You can prepare for your LTO Driver’s License examination as many times as you want until you are all set to take the official LTO examinations.

Real Life Driving Test

On the other hand, the actual driving test is consists of reflections of real-life public driving situations. As you drive around this range, LTO personnel will escort you.

Remember that parking your vehicle in reverse is also included in the progress. Practice and be an expert in this driving technique in advance, so you can avoid being nervous during your exam. It is best that you come to the LTO knowing how to drive in reverse in the parking lot. Expand your driving experience and skills so you are more confident during the examination day itself. A strategy to passing the actual driving test is ensuring you are all set before you even arrive in LTO. 

No to Fixers

On the other hand, fixers are scattered in the facility so never attempt to contact them. Let us be responsible for putting order to Philippine highways instead of including ourselves as one of the hazardous drivers on the road. After all the necessary preparations for license tests and passing them successfully, you may now get your driver’s license. It is great to finally get it and drive your car without fear of being reprimanded. Have fun and enjoy driving!


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  1. It’s nice to be aware that it is common knowledge that obtaining a driver’s license is a prerequisite for being permitted to operate a motorized vehicle. Anyway, I’m here because my cousin just landed a gig as a delivery driver for this local bakery, and now he’s all about signing up for an HR driving course. Figured he might as well master the big wheels and make those pastry deliveries with some serious flair.

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