How To Make An Affidavit of Loss and How To Write An Appeal Letter?

How To Make An Affidavit of Loss and How To Write An Appeal Letter?

Welcome to the topic “How To Make An Affidavit of Loss and How To Write An Appeal Letter?

A fresh new day – a fresh new blog post. In this post, we shall be discussing the details of how you can go about making an Affidavit of Loss for a car insurance claim. We shall also be discussing the method of writing an appeal letter.

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What Is An Affidavit of Loss?

Firstly, let’s discuss exactly what an Affidavit of Loss is.

When a person experiences a loss in his car due to a theft or damage, he needs to prepare a document called affidavit of loss. This is to state how the loss or damage occurred and what were lost or damaged. This will serve a proof that an actual loss has occurred.  

This affidavit will usually do for smaller losses in place of a police report.  For the loss of the entire vehicle or for big damages that may also include the lives of other people, a police report is required.

You will have to file an affidavit for loss for your car insurance claim as this is a vital document. Without it, you will be unable to receive your car insurance proceeds which you deserve from your car insurance policy. 

How To Make An Affidavit For Loss

You will need to make a notarized affidavit. A notarized affidavit is a written and signed declaration of facts that have been verified as truthful and can be used in any court action.

This legal document is where you provide your side of the tale, which is essentially a factual account of what happened. You will need to mention how exactly your car got lost/stolen, or damaged.

The method to make an affidavit for loss is given below:

  1. Visit a Notary Public.
  • Provide your details; this includes your name, number, address, and the details of your vehicle.
  • Now, you must provide the details of the loss. This includes the circumstances of the loss, including how the loss occurred, and what parts of your car were damaged or lost. You can also include the details of your car such as the make, model and plate number of your car. You end the affidavit by stating its purpose which is to claim on an insurance coverage.
  • After your details have been noted and additional details are also collected, you will need to sign the affidavit and pay the notary fee.
  • Finally, you can get your affidavit after the fee has been paid and the document has been signed and stamped. This document can now be submitted to your car insurance provider to get your car insurance claim processed.

How To Write An Appeal Letter

Review the organization’s general appeals process before you begin composing an appeal letter, and then follow those steps accordingly.

You must ensure that you follow the procedures for disputing claim denials, including sending the appeals letter in sufficient time for the firm to honor it.

When sending the letter, make sure it’s addressed to the specific customer service professional who handles claim denials. The process can be slowed even more if the letter is sent to the incorrect department.

You will need the following information for your appeal letter:

  1. Claim Number
  2. Policy Number
  3. Date of Request
  4. Date of the Letter of Denial
  5. Name of Agent Who Rejected Claim
  6. Documents of Accident – Photos, Police Reports, etc.

You need to understand the reasons why your claim has been denied and the grounds why it has been denied. Then you will have to see which areas may have been missed out by the Insurance Company in finally deciding to deny your claim. As it is for any appeal to prosper, there has to be a good reason given as to why the insurance company should reverse their earlier denial of the claim.

Any documents that support your claim and demonstrate that you have a legal entitlement to the money must be presented as proof.

It may be helpful if you also follow these tips:

  • Your tone should be professional, and you should carefully choose your wording.
  • Explain the situation accurately, providing all the details of the incident.
  • Explain why and how you feel that you are deserving of the claim.
  • Request to be given your insurance claim and that your case be reconsidered.


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