How to Fix a Flat in 15 Minutes?

How to Fix a Flat in 15 Minutes?

Welcome to the topic “How to Fix a Flat in 15 Minutes?

Is there ever an ideal time to take a tour, go on a holiday or visit family during the trips.? Regardless of your destination, you want to reach it safely and without harm.

When driving on tour, you want to feel ready for anything that approaches your way. One of the biggest emergencies you can encounter, is having a flat tire. Yearly, millions of flat tires happen. If you are not well-equipped, this occurrence can easily ruin your trip plans. Here are several steps on how to fix a tire in 15 minutes:

1. Be Equipped

It is essential to get ready for the incident of a roadside tire change before it is too late. Ensure that you are prepared with tools such as a spare tire, wheel wedges, a lug wrench, and your owner’s handbook.

2. Turn on your Hazard Lights

This is an important step to alert oncoming drivers.

3. Park in a secure place

Move safely to the side of the street, do a complete stop and put on the parking brake.  Although it is imperative that you must not keep driving with a flat tire, do not try to change your tire at a site where you are too near to the highway. This will put you and your car in danger of being hit by a passing vehicle. Drive slowly until you find a safe location.

4. Steady Your Car

Before starting, you should check that your car will not move by placing tire blocks, also known as wheel wedges.

5. Pull out the Hubcap

Before continuing with the next steps, you will need to remove the hubcap. Check your owner’s handbook to learn how to get rid of your hubcap or lug nut shields. You may need to use the level end of your lug wrench to separate them. 

6. Unscrew the Lug Nuts

Use the lug wrench to unlock the lug nuts counterclockwise.

7. Elevate Your Car

Ensure you put the jack on the same side as the flat tire. When positioned properly, use the jack to elevate your car seven inches off the ground.

8. Pull out the Lug Nuts

Keep turning the lug nuts counterclockwise to remove them. Be watchful not to lose the lug nuts.

9. Get Rid of the Flat Tire

Clutch your tire firmly by the treads and tug it towards you to take out. Put it properly on the ground sideways so it cannot roll away.

10. Fix the Spare Tire

Align your spare tire up with the rivets. Sensibly thrust it into place.

11. Substite the Lug Nuts

Collect the lug nuts you had carefully put away. Secure them clockwise back into place with your hand. Do not tighten them fully at this moment.

12. Set Down Your Car

Gradually and cautiously, use the jack to lower your vehicle return onto the ground.

13. Fasten the Lug Nuts

Before your car is fully lowered, use the lug wrench to fasten them as much as possible. Re-examine each lug nut. Turn clockwise using the weight of your body to put on the necessary strength to fasten them.

14. Substitute the Hubcap

Once your car is fully lowered, replace the hubcap and remember to return all your equipment back before driving.

15. Check the pressure of your spare tire

This is very significant to make sure that there will be no more mishaps on the remaining part of your journey.

To sum it up, despite the hitches you may encounter along the road you wish to can reach your destination safe and sound if you are prepared. Always be vigilant and engage in safe driving strategies. Pay attention to your fellow drivers on the street. Above all, it is always vital to ensure your tires are examined. Having a jack and spare tire in the trunk of your car is one of the most necessary things to have in your car for reasons like this! Be equipped for anything that can occur.

How to Fix a Flat in 15 Minutes?
How to Fix a Flat in 15 Minutes?


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