How to check your LTO Demerit Points?

How to check your LTO Demerit Points?

Welcome to the topic “How to check your LTO Demerit Points?“.

Demerit points are part of the new point system implemented by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) in accordance with Republic Act No. 10930’s implementing rules and regulations. Essentially, they are now using the same point system that is utilized in the majority of industrialized countries in order to improve the general quality of drivers in the country. In other words, stronger regulations result in more responsible drivers.

  • This is how it works:

Every traffic infringement you commit will result in a proportional number of demerit points being assessed or charged to you. The number of demerits points you receive is determined on the severity of the traffic offense you commit. The more serious the offense, the more demerit points you’ll receive.

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has already begun issuing 10-year driver’s license cards. However, there are certain standards that you must follow, one of which is that you must have no breaches under the system’s demerit system. So, how can you find out online? Allow us to assist you with this.


Let’s take a brief look at the demerit system before getting started. Violations are classified in this manner according to their severity:

  • Serious infractions: 5 demerit points
  • Three demerit points for less grave breaches
  • One demerit point for minor infractions

Your license will get suspended if you earn 10 points, and you will be obliged to do a reorientation course. Your license will be canceled if you receive 40 points, and you will be unable to apply for a new license for another two years.

Do you have any demerits?

Let’s see if you’ve accumulated any demerits first. Simply follow these steps:

1) Go to  to access the LTO’s LTMS portal.

2) Click Register Now, then accept the Terms of Agreement and enter the security code on the pop-up screen.

3)Select the proper enrollment category. If you already have a standard license, simply click ‘Enroll as an individual.

4) If you have a Philippine driver’s or conductor’s license, select ‘Yes.’

5) If you answered yes, enter your driver’s license information.

6) On the following pages, fill in the remaining requirements, such as nationality, personal information, and contact information.

7) An email will be sent to the email address you used to register once you’ve completed the process. It will have your LTO Client Number on it, which you’ll use to log in. To verify and create a password, click the link.

8) Return to the website and select Login. Enter your LTO Client Number as well as your password.

9) From here, you may access Licensing, Transactions, Violations, Documents, and Profile, among other options.

10) Go to Violations and see if you’ve accrued any demerit points. You can also see any unresolved violations and their history here.

If you don’t have any points on your record, you’ll be able to renew your driver’s license for another ten years. It’s worth noting, though, that you’ll also need to pass the Comprehensive Driver’s Education and the LTO Periodic Medical Exam. 

Tips and information to help you avoid traffic violations and fines.

Careless driving usually causes problems and, in some cases, leads to major accidents. The government imposes penalties and license points to deter irresponsible or careless driving from preventing such catastrophes. To prevent losing points on your license, ensure you observe all traffic laws and drive safely.

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How to check your LTO Demerit Points?


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