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Diverse topics and various aspects of car insurance have been covered in this blog series. This is because we believe that the best way for you to feel confident and comfortable when you take your car out for a drive, is when you fully understand everything there is to know about these matters. This knowledge will enable you to make better decisions about your vehicle safety and insurance.

Perla Insurance, one of the best car insurance companies in the Philippines, is here to answer any inquiries you may have about car insurance. These questions will be answered through either through our Perla Cares YouTube series, as well as these Perla Cares instructional and informative blog posts.

The #GoodnessPerla Movement

However for this article we are delving less on the topic of car insurance. This topic is special to us because through it, we want to give you a glimpse of who we are and what we believe in. This movement is something we consider extremely valuable to us. This is #GoodnessPerla.

Goodness Perla is a voice we have created to spread goodness, love and light to everyone despite the struggles and challenges we encounter in our everyday lives, especially during this time of pandemic. It is based on the premise that there is goodness within every person and situation. It is about looking less outward and more within ourselves. It is through finding joy in the littlest of things, having a grateful heart and being an inspiration and vehicle towards the spread of good.

This topic is about dissecting the ‘why’ behind us making these types of posts. Although it has no relation to insurance, it speaks strongly about our corporate branding. We feel a strong responsibility to bring goodness to others and spread that light to all others and our communities.

Marketing for Good

Marketing is a far cry from what it used to be. Before marketing was just about generating noise geared towards short-term corporate profits. We have, however, adapted our goal to include a social mission and a social identity. We created a socially aligned marketing mission and communicate what our company and our brand stands for.

Some conclude that a company’s only responsibility is only to its shareholders, and that a company has no social responsibility. But in an era where stakeholders value corporate social identity, social responsibility is starting to become synonymous with long-term profitability.

Consumers and employees place a high premium on companies and brands that are authentic and engaged in helping the world. Corporate goals need to include both a social mission and a social identity.

With the pandemic, companies had to think deeper. What exactly do they stand for? What is their purpose? How do they make a difference in society? Are the products they are selling sustainable, or do they reflect the values of the disadvantaged segments of society?

Purpose over Profit

We have decided that marketing is more than just about making money and generating corporate profits.

This is similar to the mindset of millenials, who are majority of today’s workforce. They believe in working more for purpose, than just for the paycheck.

And what is the best way to give someone purpose? Show them something greater than themselves – show them that they are needed in their communities and society. Therefore, when we play active roles in working towards a sustainable future and to stand for the right values, the employees feel equally as important because they are part of what is making a difference and leaving a positive impact in the world.

Good marketing is linked to our company’s long-term success. It’s an investment in the development of an authentic and believable public image among all stakeholders.

Our Own Initiative

Our own vision for #GoodnessPerla arose from our our own mission to provide peace of mind and security to the public from the risks of everyday life. Perla Insurance wants to be an instrument of goodness, and medium to bring out the goodness of everyone.

First to our customers, we want them to enjoy life, feel good and see how wonderful life is. You see, life is more than just the things we see on the surface level. In fact, life is a beautiful thing – full of love, laughter, and so much joy. Happiness is a choice they should choose today and every single day. 

We want to provide them both the security and peace of mind as they go out and achieve their dreams in this world. When we fulfill our mission to protect their valuable assets against the risks of everyday life, we help our customers to live their best life to the fullest without fear and worries. And when they are happy and grateful, they begin to shine their goodness and help bring out what is also in the others.

#GoodnessPerla also wants to provide goodness to our employees and agents. We want to bring happiness to them through their livelihood, career opportunities and development in the company. When all our stakeholders are happy, they can spread their light and joy to all the people that they meet and serve.

Inspire with Positivity

We have created weekly inspirational #GoodnessPerla posts aimed to uplift, motivate and transform people’s lives as part of our brand. This is to remind anyone who happens to see our post of how wonderful life truly is and how they are able to contribute to life’s beauty. When we see and appreciate all the blessings in our lives, we attract and spread these blessings to all the people we meet.

This movement is meant to spread more positivity in the world through our Goodness Perla posts on all our social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We aim to be a beacon of kindness, support, and love to whoever may need to hear it.

Every week, we make it a point to shine a light on such joys of the world and evoke positive feelings within our audience. We share quotes about happiness, gratitude, family, living life to the fullest and constantly reminding our audience always to try to see the good in the smallest things. Finding beauty and being thankful in every situation.

Here is a link to one of our #GoodnessPerla posts:


It is always good to make the most of what life has to offer, especially since our most precious moments are often fleeting. The only way to make the most of them is to enjoy everything that life throws our way and take everything in a positive light. Perla Insurance wants to remind people of these simple facts and help enrich everyone’s experience of life.

In line with our jingle, “All is well, All is well with Perla Insurance.” We also want to instill to everyone who happens to hear it, that all will be well in their lives if they are insured with us. They do not need to worry, because everything will be covered and taken care of by Perla Insurance.


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We address often asked concerns through short simple yet engaging animated videos in our new “Perla Cares” series. This is to keep our viewers informed and vital information more accessible to the general public. Especially coming from a reliable source- such as the trusted insurance company in the Philippines.

We also encourage our viewers to post comments on topics they’d like to see discussed in future episodes. This is so that we can provide them with the necessary knowledge.


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We’re also here to help our community with any insurance-related questions they may have. Keep up with more #GoodnessPerla Updates!

Perla Insurance is honored to be the Philippines’ best car insurance company, whether you pick TPL Insurance or Comprehensive Car Insurance. We provide you not only the best car insurance, but we also the best value for your hard-earned money.

When it comes to the protection and safety of your automobile, yourself, and your loved ones, our TPL Insurance and Comprehensive Car Insurance packages will surely put your mind at ease.

Perla Insurance is deeply concerned about our client’s well-being. That is why we try to meet our customers’ demands. We provide nothing less than the best car insurance to cater to all your vehicle needs.

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