Engineering Insurance


Contractors All Risks Insurance
Is acquired by building contractors including sub-contractors and/or owner-principal to provide an “all risk” cover on a construction project.

Erection All Risks Insurance
Also provides an “all risk” cover on projects such as installation of elevators, escalators, steel tanks, machinery, etc. The period of insurance starts from the time the equipment are move into the site and ends upon completion which may include a testing period.

Electronic Equipment Insurance
Is a specialized branch of engineering insurance designed to provide coverage on machinery run by electronics. This includes computers, facsimile machines, x-rays, CAT scanners, photo-copiers, etc.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance
Provides a broad cover on machinery such as power generators, compressors, pumps, printing press machines, etc. against “all risks”. Boilers/Pressure Vessel Insurance is a specialized branch of Machinery Breakdown Insurance which focuses its cover on, as its name implies, boilers and other pressure vessels and providing indemnity against explosion, implosion damage due to extreme pressure, etc.

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