DIY Car Repair Tips

DIY Car Repair Tips

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We’ve covered a wide range of topics in accordance with car insurance. We have covered all these topics because we want our customers to make better decisions about car safety and insurance. We believe the best way to do so is to know everything there is to know about these topics.

We have made two Perla Cares platforms to better address your needs. One is through the Perla Cares Video Series on YouTube which is animated and concise. While another is through the Perla Cares Blog, which is more comprehensive and in depth.

However aside from just discussing car insurance, we have decided to branch out and also tackle essential tips and problematic issues car owners have with regards to owning their vehicle. Perla Insurance, one of the best car insurance companies in the Philippines, is here to giving you information on how to better use and take care of your car.

In this blog post, we will discuss a topic that it very significant to car owners learning how to do DIY Car Repairs.

Learning how to do simple car repairs can be a huge help to your wallet. Repairing a car yourself may seem daunting, but all you need is a few tools and a Google search to be off to the races. You don’t have to be a car-geek to perform basic repairs to keep your ride out of the shop and extend its life.

From changing the oil to changing brake pads, you need to climb a ladder of experience to fix complex issues by doing simple and easy DIY repairs first. So, if you want to save yourself some money, ride along this post to learn some of the easiest DIY car repairs.

DIY Car Repair Tips
DIY Car Repair Tips

Changing Oil

The best way to improve fuel economy is to slow down and drive smoothly. Rapid acceleration from a stop can increase

Oil changes are one of the car maintenances that everyone tries to keep up with best. A typical oil change will cost you anywhere from P1500 to P3500, but you will be only paying for the oil if you do it yourself. To change the oil yourself, you will need an oil filter wrench and a drain pain.

Put your car up on jacks and find the oil drain plug under the car. Remove the plug and let the old oil out in the drain pain. Once the oil is out, replace the plug back and pour the new oil into the engine through the designated opening. Remove the old oil filter and fill your new oil with some new oil; after that, screw in the new filter.

Replacing the Fuses

Replacing the worn-out fuses is not as much of a big problem as compared to the problems they cause. Replacing them is a simple task to do but finding a blown-out fuse can give you a hard time. Start by figuring out where your fuse box is and start inspecting fuses one-by-one. Most fuses are encased in transparent plastic.

While inspecting, you should be checking for a break in the fuse. Once you find a broken fuse, replace it with a new one. Most cars come with extra fuses to encounter such issues.

Cleaning Battery Terminals

To keep the battery from dying early, one good step that you can take is to clean your battery terminals. Rusty terminals strain the battery, and if neglected for longer, you will need a new battery. If you find out your terminals are corroded, make a baking soda and water mixture and clean the terminals with a wire brush.

If there’s green corrosion or your terminals don’t clamp tightly, then you should replace terminals. If your battery is dead, the procedure is simple to start by removing the Black wire first and then install the new battery and replace the Black cable Last. If you don’t do it this way, you might short circuit it.

Changing Brake Pads

It might look like a big thing to you, but in reality, it’s a very simple and inexpensive procedure if you do it yourself. You would need a wheel lug wrench, basic wrenches, pliers, and a jack with a set of jack stands. The procedure is basic: first, take the wheel off, remove the hardware, pull out worn pads, insert the new pads, and reinstall everything else. It will take only one hour for you to do all four wheels.

On an End Note

The repair tips discussed above will cost you a great deal of money if you seek out a shop, but by doing these simple repair tasks yourself, you can slash these auto expenses, and you may be able to save thousands of dollars over the life of your vehicle. Just be sure what you are doing is not too big for you and take on projects that match your experience level. Remember, it’s a ladder that you need to climb.


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  2. I have been researching how to perform preventative maintenance on my vehicle myself – this article was very informative! Thank you so much for the tip on cleaning the battery terminals, I have noticed buildup on my battery so I will try out the baking soda & water mixture!

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