Celebrate Chinese New Year with These Car Superstitions

Celebrate Chinese New Year with These Car Superstitions

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The Chinese New Year is celebrated by most members of the Chinese diaspora as a reunion of the family in addition to being an opportunity to wish for good fortune in the coming year.

Also, celebrating Chinese New Year is a tradition which most people carry with them for their entire lives. Chinese New Year is a time for joy, happiness, and luck. So, it only makes sense to practice a few car superstitions before and during the Chinese New Year.

From making your car sparkle and not placing sharp objects inside to avoid bad luck, this blog will show you a few car superstitions you can incorporate into your celebrations!

1. Having something red in the car

The idea of having something red in the car to ward off bad luck or bad spirits is a Chinese New Year superstition. This could be a little toy, a small ornament, or a red piece of clothing. Red is also the lucky color in China, so it is believed that if you have something red in your car, you are more likely to have a safe drive and it will bring the ultimate luck throughout the year!

2. Not using black cars

It is believed that a black car will bring bad luck for the coming year. This superstition is based on the idea that a black car is associated with the dark, and the dark represents death and mourning in Chinese.

3. No driving of cars with “X” or number 4 in the number plate

In China, it’s tradition that cars with a number 4 or letter ‘X’ in their number plate are not driven in the period leading up to the Chinese New Year. This is because the number 4 sounds like the word “death” in Mandarin, while the letter ‘X’ represents negative connotation such as being unsuccessful and ‘crossed out’.

4. Must have a clean car inside out

This year for the Chinese New Year, car owners should keep their car clean inside out. That’s because car owners will want to avoid any mishaps that could happen in their cars. And according to traditions, clean cars are more likely to attract positive energy and will mitigate any bad luck that you might encounter. Chinese also prefer giving their car a good polish for a shinier New Year.

5. No sharp objects in the car

Putting sharp objects in the car such as scissors, knife, etc., must be avoided when it’s Chinese New Year. This superstition is said to come from traditional Chinese culture and it signifies cutting off one’s luck all throughout the year.


There are so many traditions that are done across cultures, but we are here to tell you that some of the most well-known ones revolve around vehicles. We hope that at least one of our suggestions on how to celebrate Chinese New Year with your car is something you try!


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