Adapting to the New Normal by Moving Digital

Adapting to the New Normal by Moving Digital

Introduction of PERLA CARES SERIES

Welcome to the topic, “Adapting to the New Normal by Moving Digital“.

In the past decade, the world has steadily been moving towards digitalization. Long gone are the days, when traditional personal interaction was our main source of information and communication.

However, this digital shift has taken an even greater leap ahead, heightened by the extraordinary situation we are experiencing today.

Due to the global pandemic, everyone was forced to be confined in their own homes for a prolonged period of time.

This change enabled consumers to move dramatically towards online channels: to shop for basic necessities, be informed of the news, or even as a means of keeping in touch with their loved ones.

Online schooling and working from home also became a norm during this period.

After 58 strong years in the industry, Perla Insurance has undergone a number of changes throughout our years of service. We have always found ways to continuously adapt to the changing needs of our customers.

In this New Normal, with increased anxiety and uncertain times ahead, we want to even take it a step further.

We intend to make life even easier and more convenient for our customers by adapting to the New Normal by moving digital.

Our Thrust Towards Digitalization

Perla Insurance is now adapting to the new normal by moving digital. In this age of digitalization, we are pioneering the creation of an avenue to purchase and claim car insurance remotely.

Yes – you heard that right; Perla Insurance will now give our customers the opportunity to avail of our services from the comforts of their homes.

We, as one of the best car insurance companies in the Philippines, want to promote accessibility to our customers. Striving to serve our customers’ changing needs, especially in trying times such as these.

We want to set this precedent, as a leading insurance company in the Philippines. If our customers are now confined to their homes – we will bring our services straight to their doorstep.

Perla Insurance seeks to be a forerunner in digitalization for our customer’s convenience. We want to bring them our quality assured services with established reliability and support.

Insurance Claims have never been more straightforward than this new option of gaining access to buying insurance claims remotely. This opportunity is just one of the reasons why we remain as the best insurance company in the country.

Catering to Small and Medium Enterprises

Being the only Insurance company in the Philippines that has company-owned buildings across major cities nationwide, Perla Insurance prides itself on both stability and permanence.

Despite our customers having very dynamic and unique needs, we are committed to always deliver, keep our promises and put our customers’ needs first.

With the changing times, we at Perla Insurance; want to pivot to serving the small and medium enterprises with their car insurance needs.

There has always been a stronger focus of insurance packages for private vehicles. Consequently, there has been more limited options available for small and medium enterprises.

However with the increased demand for logistics in today’s digital world, there is more need for this specialized insurance.

Perla recognizes this need, and aims to increase the accessibility of insurance options for these enterprises.

Offering the best car insurance packages, both TPL Insurance and Comprehensive Car Insurance, we want to protect your peace of mind. Just focus on satisfying your customers’ needs and wants, rest assured we will take care of the rest.

Connect With Us Through Our Social Media

Our Facebook, Instagram and Youtube accounts, are just a few of the ways we try to be more active through our digital efforts.

We want to cater and reach our customers where they feel most comfortable – and these days, the answer is social media.

As studies show, people spend an average of around 3 hours a day on social media alone. Hence, we thought it best to build an open and interactive community where we can share and interact better with our customers.

Applying our car insurance expertise, we will educate and equip them with essential bits of knowledge for their own safety and well-being.

We know technical information or know-how has a tendency to feel both difficult and overbearing. That is why we have not only cut up all these information into bite-sized nuggets, but have also wrapped them in beautiful interactive animations.

Be Engaged As You Learn

We want our customers to be engaged, while being informed at the same time.

Our social media is also our avenue to make it much easier for our customers to view our services. They may also reach us for any queries they might have, whether it be about insurance policies, claims or anything else.

Everything is within their reach with just a click of the button.

Increased active engagement in our community has shown, that people have been demanding this type of social presence- especially with regard to such crucial matters. Yet this informational gap was left untouched – until now.

Perla Insurance would like to change this. We would like to implement strategies to help our customers gain the awareness and information that they deserve – coming from a reliable, trusted, and highly experienced source.


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The Perla Cares Series was launched as a means to answer all your queries about car insurance. Equipped with more knowledge about car insurance, you will feel comfortable and confident in owning and using your car.

It is our way to show that Perla indeed cares about your welfare and safety.

Perla Cares is our way of giving back to the community so that anyone who owns a car or gets insurance understands their obligations, rights and the privileges and what they’re entitled to, whether they get their insurance from us or from any other insurance company.

Owning a car can seem daunting and scary, especially when you are left in the dark about vital information.

Not only does Perla Insurance want to make our services more accessible, but we want these crucial information to also be more widely accessible to the public.

Why Go Digital?

Perla Insurance is adapting to the New Normal by moving digital.

We decided to go digital because we want to increase our awareness on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We recognized the need since majority of our consumers are heavily engaged in those platforms.

The Perla Cares Series is our first step in going digital. We want people to gain more knowledge and awareness on the topic of car insurance. This is to enable them to be more informed on this subject both for their own safety, as well as for the protection of their valuable assets.

Our topics range from a variety of different things. We aim to serve as a bridge in the world of car insurance for our customers. In line with this we have crafted this blog, carrying the same name, for a more in depth discussion of our videos and graphics.

Our goal is to cater to your needs through different mediums and platforms. This is so you can reach us in whatever way you may choose.

What's In It For You?

Best of all, we have an attractive opportunity for our viewers and customers. If you would like to be featured on our next video or blog, then make sure to message us your queries regarding car insurance. We will address any of your questions in both an interactive and informative way.

We want to keep our content focused on our clients and on the questions they feel needs to be addressed. So in the unlikely time they need it, they are prepared and better informed on the subject matter.

These engaging efforts in our community are meant to show our customers that they are our first priority and that their needs are important to us. We have a duty to our clients, and we are here to fulfill it by showing you that Perla cares.

Make sure to check out our PERLA CARES SERIES on YouTube for small, digestible, bite-sized informational animations on commonly asked car insurance questions. Learn more about your car needs today:

Have any questions regarding the topic Adapting to the New Normal by Moving Digital? Feel Free to comment below.

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