5 Common Car Myths Everyone Believes

5 Common Car Myths Everyone Believes

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Cars can be complicated machines that understanding how each part works is usually reserved for the mechanically- inclined or willing to learn. Even if we use our vehicles every day, we usually do not try to learn the nitty gritty on how it operates. Because of that, we often have a hard time deciphering whether certain information or facts or just myths.

In this article, we’ll be going over the top five common car myths to figure out what is fact and what is fiction.

1. Overdrive makes you go faster.

We have often heard the word “overdrive” used in cinemas, comic books and the like. Engaging into overdrive or thrusting into overdrive commonly denotes being bound for something speedier, meaner, and more improved. But what really occurs once you change your car into overdrive? The total reverse! Overdrive is utilized for stress-free and competent road driving. It is where the machine applies the least power to continue speed over distance.

2. The larger the car, the more secure it is.

This works under the notion that in case there is an accident or car crash, there will be more steel between your body and the object. We seem to believe that a larger car will reduce the possibility of you getting hurt or dying from a mishap. As a result of this, people often rely on bigger cars to cover themselves. However despite this, SUVs and pickup trucks have a high mainstream of gravity which means they are also more inclined to overturn in contrast to their minor correspondents.

Nevertheless with the current progression of technology, both big and smaller cars have become equally secure. Now, smaller cars like sedans and hatchbacks come with more complex structures. These are intended to move as much of the pressures of a collision away from the passengers making them more secure than ever before.

3. Expensive gasoline aids in better performance.

Premium gasoline is costly. Nevertheless, this does not denote that they are more refined or cleaner than ordinary gasoline. Higher-octane gasoline is required for performance cars. Otherwise if you have a regular car, you can just check your owner’s guidebook for the suggested octane. If your car’s engine needs a higher-octane level then refill with that. Otherwise, you are wasting money. The advantages you get from higher-octane fuel are not significant. It will not really make your car function any better, speed up, get better mileage, or drive cleaner.

4. Engine oil requires changing every 5,000 kilometers.

Before older engine oils were susceptible to grease and accumulation, that is why changing oil every thousand kilometers was always a good idea to prevent damaging the engine. But nowadays, newer oils have upgraded viscosities and additives resulting in longer intervals. At the least, if your car doesn’t run long distances frequently or parks in the garage for most of the year, have its oil changed yearly to avoid the accumulation of broken-down oil and grease.

5. You waste more gas turning on a vehicle than when its moving at a constant speed.

The same way a car slows down then suddenly speeds up, wastes much more gas than when the vehicle is moving at a constant pace? Same is true when you turn on your vehicle to wait for someone, because of the fact that the engine is always working

Want to really save on gas? If your car sits for more than 30 seconds, just turn it off. Why do you think modern cars are starting to integrate “start/stop” engine technologies?

To sum it up, we have disproved these 5 popular myths. We are not discounting the fact that they may have been true at one point in history. However because of the many changes in the technology we have today, a lot of these are “facts” are not applicable in this day and age. Make sure to always read up and be informed to know the best ways you can care for your vehicle.

5 Common Car Myths Everyone Believes
5 Common Car Myths Everyone Believes


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