10 Fuel Efficient Driving Tips

10 Fuel Efficient Driving Tips

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The fuel budget is often the main priority of car owners especially here in the Philippines. As fuel prices are rising each day, choosing a fuel-efficient car may not be the only answer to this problem. Inevitably, your driving manner and your car’s condition have a great effect on the price of fuel use. Implement these ten fuel-efficient driving methods to minimize your car’s fuel consumption.

1. Minimize your vehicle use.

Vehicles are least fuel efficient on short trips. One reason for this is that catalytic converters (which reduce air pollution emissions) do not operate properly until they have warmed up. Plan to do a number of errands in one trip rather than several short trips, to save both on time and fuel.

2. Accelerate Slowly.

The more you accelerate, the more fuel you consume. When driving, you will consume a smaller amount of fuel if you press on the accelerator pedal slowly.

3. Plan Ahead.

If possible, avoid traveling during peak-hours and on congested roads to prevent stopping and starting your engine, as this uses up a lot of fuel.

But if you must really go out during rush hour, practice looking forward while you are driving to anticipate what pedestrians and other vehicles are doing. This will enable you to maintain a stable speed and also consume less fuel. It is also a very safe driving technique at the same time!

4. Don’t drive too Fast!

As we reiterated, speeding up will not improve your mileage. Maintaining a consistent speed that isn’t too fast (but isn’t too slow) will allow the car to operate at an optimum level, requiring less effort to maintain speed. As the car’s speed increases, the air resistance holding it back increases, requiring the engine to expend more power — and thus more fuel — to overcome it.

5. Drift to slow down.

Each time you use your brakes, you cause strong friction against your advancing momentum. By anticipating the traffic, you can always view beforehand when it is time to decelerate. You will preserve fuel and save bucks by pulling your foot out of the accelerator then cruise to decelerate, rather than using your brakes.

6. Don’t leave the engine running when you don’t have to.

Shut off your engine every time you need to wait for someone even for just a minute. This is excluding the times when you are just stuck in traffic. An ordinary car with a 3-liter engine consumes over 1 cup of fuel for every ten minutes it waits around.

7. Maintain your car properly.

Don’t skip routine checks on your vehicle. Take your car to the service according to the manufacturer’s schedule. If you do that, the engine and other mechanical components will operate in an efficient way for a long time, helping you save money on fuel.

8. Get rid of useless items in your car.

Eliminate kinds of stuff like heavy equipment from your car. The less it weighs, the less fuel your car will use. The fuel use of a mid-size car rises by nearly one percent for every 25 kilograms of weight it conveys.

Check your trunk and car interior for stuff that you don’t need yet carry around. The heavier the car, the more fuel is required to move it, so make sure you throw unnecessary things. Don’t take it to the extremes, though, and keep the jack and spare wheel in the trunk.

9. Check tire pressure on a weekly basis.

Many drivers skip doing this without being aware that it could affect their wallets and safety at the same time. Under-inflated tires are both dangerous because they can cause accidents by increasing stopping distances and reducing steering responsiveness, and costly as they can increase fuel consumption by as much as 5 percent.

But remember overly inflated tires are dangerous as well, since they decrease traction and cause the tread to wear more quickly in the center.

10. Use air conditioning sparingly.

Air conditioning can increase a car’s fuel consumption by as much as twenty percent. Turning the AC for long periods of time increases fuel consumption, especially when driving in stop-and-go traffic. However, when traveling steadily at higher speeds, the fuel wastage will be less significant

If the day is not too hot anyway, why not consider just opening the windows for some added circulation as you drive?


The golden rule here in the Philippines is not all fuels are alike. Better fuels scorch more proficiently and can improve your fuel budget. So choose one of high quality. Driving in a fuel-efficient way is great not just for your car yet also for your wallet and your surroundings.

10 Fuel Efficient Driving Tips
10 Fuel Efficient Driving Tips


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